Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 Democrats Cross the Eisle to Kill the Public Option Amendments

Democrats in Name Only joined ALL the Republicans in voting against both Chuck Schumer’s and Jay Rockefeller’s separate Public Option amendments, proving once and for all that they are indebted to their well healed benefactors who thrive off our misfortunes and force us into bankruptcy when we actually need care.

Visit http://RepublicanDirtyTricks.com for the rest of this article and a list of the treacherous Democrats who betrayed the People.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue Dogs & Republicans Don't Dissapoint Their Benefactors

"Blue Dog" Democrats and Republicans have received Millions of dollars in contributions from health industry lobbyists to ensure that Americans continue to spend significantly more on health care than any country and are rewarded with a shorter life expectancy as well as the threat of being one serious illness away from a "Uniquely American" Medical Bankruptcy, as 1.5 million Americans experience each year.

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Remembering Ted Kennedy

With Ted Kennedy's passing, America has lost a tireless advocate who gave a voice to the common people in the halls of power. In the eyes of some critics there can never be redemption for Kennedy. Frankly, that is more of a statement about the critics than about Kennedy. In order to truly be free in our hearts and in our souls we must be able to honor a person’s contributions to in spite on their failings. That said, thank you Ted Kennedy.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

When a “Crazy” Comes a Knockin’…

“Crazy” is like a vampire. When it knocks on your door you have to invite it in and it won’t leave until it sucks the life out of you.

That said, this week “crazy” came knocking and I let it in. I received a disturbing email from an acquaintance. What do you do when someone reveals themselves to be an incredible racist? I received an email from an outright racist who, when confronted, was in outright denial about her racism. This article explores the lessons in this fascinating email exchange. Check it out here:
http://www.fandha.com or here's the direct link.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Halloween is on the Horizon!

As the Halloween season approaches, some people are out looking scary costumes that will be memorable and fun but won't give you heart palpitations when see the bill!

I found a great website that has Halloween Costume Ideas, Halloween Costume Reviews Scary Halloween Masks, including the popular Michael Myers Mask and the limited edition Halloween 2 Michael Myers mask and the Hellraiser Pinhead mask. Check it out... now is the time to shop for your Halloween costume. These Scary Halloween Costumes don't have a frightening price tag. There are also real reviews so you can but with confidence.

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Was David Carradine Murdered or was it Asphyxiation??

The the wheel turns again. This morning the Washington Post reported that well known Hollywood movie actor David Carradine's death may not have been a suicide as first reports indicated. Those close to the actor reported that Carradine did not seem to suffer from depression, never mentioned harboring suicidal feelings or exhibited suicidal behaviors. Investigators have put the notion of murder on the table as well as the more embarrassing cause of death that David Carradine died from Erotic asphyxiation much like INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. This has not been completely verified yet so now the actor's death is still under investigation and a matter of speculation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Internet Scam Website Shut Down by Godaddy & West Virginia Attorney General

As sad part about the human condition is that hard times call scammers to the table as if other people’s misery is a dinner bell. Nowadays, we turn to the Internet for information, knowing that the buyer must always beware. The latest most disconcerting scam came in the guise of a fake credit union promising advanced fee loans online. When a person applied online via the fake, yet very convincing website, they received a response email bearing the same address of the West Virginia State Credit Union. This legitimized the ruse for many victims of the scam. The response email stated that the applicant would have to purchase insurance in order to qualify for the loan and once the “credit union” received the $1,250.00 insurance money via wire transfer… well… let’s just say a loan never materialized and the scammers were never heard from again.

West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw, with the help of
shut down the website (statecreditunion.net) on Monday, May 4th. McGraw warned, “No legitimate bank or credit union will require a consumer to wire money in order to receive a loan or line of credit. According to Canadian authorities, a majority of these advance fee loan scams originating out of Canada have been linked to organized crime. When consumers submit loan applications, they are giving criminals their Social Security numbers, bank account numbers, and other personal identifiable information that will be used to steal their identity.”

Let’s support Godaddy for their efforts.

Be aware, alert and informed while surfing the internet.

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